Open XML SDK To Read Workbook With Multiple Worksheets

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In this article, I am going to show you how to read the entire Excel workbook with multiple worksheets and display the data into the Label.


Kindly find the basic installation information of OpenXML in the link, given below:

Snagit of how the output will look:

Excel workbook name is Official_Details.xlsx

Excel Workbook nam

C# code

Click button event:




Explanation of the code

In the code, mentioned above, most of the code was explained in the code itself and it will also give you the idea of what are the collections involved to access the data from MS Excel .

Diagrammatic representation for Collections Hierarchy in openXML to access the data is given below:

Collections Hierarchy


Kindly find the entire source code in the attachment section. I hope this will be useful for those, who are going to work in the OpenXML for the first time. Kindly share your feedback or thoughts.

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